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Now that Linnaeus is done his QT period in the 20g I gave him a rather modest upgrade to a 30g I had sitting in my attic. Seeing as these fish are pretty slow growers there’s no need to push him into a giant tank while he’s still a fairly small size, especially when the species spends 70% of the time sitting in one spot. And it’s very important to move these guys up accordingly so they can reach the surface easily to breathe. I added in his old substrate (Caribsea Supernaturals Sunset Gold) mixed with some generic black sand I had laying around. I wanted to create a darker accented substrate to try and bring out his natural colors a bit more. And I added a few more plants to his tank as well; dwarf lilies, two Anubias bateri var. nana, and some contortion vals. Hopefully once everything grows in it will look fantastic. I also purchased a Current LED freshwater fixture and so far I love it. There are so many settings and lighting variations, there will be a review of it coming soon! I’ll get some better pictures of Linnaeus and his new set up once things settle in and the water clears up a bit more.

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