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My TVR Harmui has such large cheeks that they poke out of the water when she eats. Harumi was spawned in early April of 2012, so she is a Nisai (second year of life) TVR with Oishi x Kageyama x Oishi bloodlines. She is a big fish, and was 125g when I picked her up last month. Hopefully within the next month she’ll be getting a boyfriend so I can start breeding TVR next season. I know SVR are really in currently and I love them but since finding TVR and really seeing them in person I’m pretty smitten with them as well.

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    I’m sorry but I’m DYING laughing at the idea of you making money off fry and playing with them like toys. Who the hell...
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    That’s the thing there’s nonprofit to be had. Even if I charged tons of money I probably wouldn’t make back what it cost...
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    Yeah that is kind of harsh. There is nothing wrong with supporting good responsible and loving breeders. It’s the ones...
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    I don’t use my friends and companions for personal profit.
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    You can think of your fish as a compagnion and breed with them? I don’t see what’s wrong with that u_u
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