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What fish food brand do you like best?? Also, how do you protect your pond fish from predators and where is the best place to buy them fairly cheap? I'll hopefully be starting a pond soon and I want pretty fish but I don't want to pay 35+ dollars for each one :'^)

I do have a article on creating a balanced diet for your fish here. It talks about a few noteworthy pellet brands and how to go about feeding fresh greens. However it does need to be updated with information about gel foods! I highly recommend using a repashy brand gelfood. These are easy to make and do not use gelatin as a binder, so it is perfect for fish even with sensitive stomachs. I prefer to use Super Green as a staple and feeding frozen blood worms and some pellets as well. Gel foods are known as moist foods; this means they are more easily digested by the fish due to their high water content and this lessens the chance of encountering GI tract issues that may in turn affect the swim bladder.

I used to use a net over my pond, and still use a net over my raised smaller tub to prevent predation. Because my pond is above ground and roughly 2 1/2ft high no predator can fish out of it, so it isn’t covered anymore. I’m also in a heavily wooded area so we do not get heron or any other fishing birds. If you’re in an area where you feel predation could be a serious issue I recommend coated wire mesh over the pond to keep out unwanted visitors.

As far as buying fish that are “fairly cheap” your best bet is to begin perusing your local pet or fish stores. Many of my fish are from either a mom and pop or a chain store, even a cheap fish can be a great pet. If you want fish that are to breed standard for grooming, showing, or breeding then you’re going to have to pay 35+ dollars as most show quality fish cost more than that (depending on breed) plus the 40-70 dollar shipping costs.


I love your fish pond! I really hope my fish are getting as big as yours! They are now with 4 in a 35 gallon tank, but next week I will upgrade to a 80 gallon tank for them :D

Thank you! C: With good food and clean water any fish can reach it’s full potential. Just keep in mind that size is not always correlated with healthiness! I have many fish that are smaller and will not become giants and that is perfectly fine because the individual is just not genetically predisposed to be larger. That’s great to hear about you upgrading, definitely tag me in some pictures when you get the 80gal set up! It’s good to see someone dedicated to improving the living conditions of their fish.


Hi! I inherited my tank so I've been searching for a while for a new one. The petco by my house has a 55 gallon for free due to it being used then donated to them so they can't resell it. The only catch is it's a bit narrow and I don't know if thats alright for my goldfish? I have pics I could send if you'd like.

While a 55 gallon isn’t the best dimensionally speaking (I’d say a 75 is better), but like you I had the opportunity for a 55 and it’s fine for goldfish. Just make sure that when you scape the tank and add any decor that it leaves plenty of space on each side so the fish don’t harm themselves trying to wiggle through. This is especially important as the goldies get bigger and infinitely more clumsy.

1, 9, and 15 for the ask thing

1. Favorite fish?

This is hard! There are a lot of species both fresh water and marine that I love, so it’s hard to choose a favorite. I’ve always been very fond of Bonnetheads (Sphyrna tiburo), a cute shark in the hammerhead family. :)

image(image credit)

9. How did you get into the hobby (or profession) of fish keeping?

Both of my parents worked 9-5 jobs when I was young and as a result most pets where just too time consuming. My father worked in the post office and spent a few years as a postal boy, where he gained a natural distrust for dogs after a few bad bites. Neither one of my parents particularly enjoyed cats, so fish were the alternative. When I was around the age of five my parents set up a tank probably around 30-40 gallons, and filled it with tropical fish. Looking back I remember some colorful tetras, some barbs, maybe cory cats? and a common pleco (Obviously not an ideal set up but this was before the internet). Every week I would watch my dad start the siphon with his mouth, vacuum the gravel and replace the water. I even had a fish named ‘tin foil’ whom was to the best of my memory quite shiny and cat-fish like, that was among my favorites. It is a very good early memory of mine, and one that I really think helped shape how I saw fish and aquaria. I also live very close to my local aquarium, so we were members there and went very frequently. I can still walk through the aquarium and tell you what the displays were when I was young. My interest in fish tapered off roughly until my tenth birthday, when a trip to Seaworld sent it into full throttle. I fed the dolphins, rays, and sharks; and from then on I knew what I wanted to do. I’ll even include a picture so you can see what a tiny marine biologist looks like haha. (as you can see I had no qualms about handling dead fish)

15. Biggest and smallest tanks?

My biggest tank is my 55 gallon goldfish set up. However by winter it will become a 75 as I like the dimensions better. I have a 300 gallon pond outdoors but it’s not exactly a tank so I’ll leave it out. My smallest tank is a 2.5gal that will eventually house shrimp only but currently houses a rescue betta.


4. Another aquatic species that you’d like to have?

In a perfect world where I had no monetary or space issues I would love an Queensland Lungfish (Neoceratodus forsteri). I’m very jealous of the people who own Snowy, the only known white Queensland Lungfish.



Feeding time at the pond today! Excuse the leaves and stuff. Last week while I was away we had some very heavy rain and winds so there’s a lot of debris at the bottom that I have to scoop out. My
Sakura SVR is becoming a real stunner, as is my lemonhead oranda. He didn’t have much head growth when I purchased him but recently his wen has been growing like crazy.

Lately I’ve felt that I have outgrown this blog’s title and layout, so I’ve decided to completely revamp the entire thing. I’m basically done with the theme besides a few minor tweaks, but the real challenge here is the name change. This blog was originally made to inform others of inadequate fish care; however it quickly grew past that and I’m now a small scale hobbyist breeder with a passion for educating others. The blog is staying the same content wise but the url and the title will most likely change once I settle on one (suggestions are also welcome). The new layout is designed to be easy to figure out and even has a nifty sidebar image that is different with each refresh. You’ll also notice I added the page “Available Fish”. The link doesn’t work yet but given some time that will be where any fish (whether for adoption or sale) will end up. I hope you guys will stay despite these relatively large changes, and I hope you enjoy the new layout.

Any Questions/Comments/Suggestions?

The many stages of Linnaeus begging for food. He loves to be hand fed algae wafers! For those of you unfamiliar with Linnaeus he is a West African Lungfish (Protopterus annectens). Unlike most modern fish which are in the class Actinopterygii (this includes 99% of fish spp), lungfish and their distant cousins the coelocanths belong to the class Sarcopterygii. This is the class that gave rise to the first tetrapods, so lungfish have some very odd physical characteristics for a fish. This includes teeth coated in true enamel, lungs homologous to tetrapod lungs, and a four chambered heart.

I was wondering if you'd ever had any posts about sand vs gravel? I was going to be upsizing the tank for my goldfish asap and I was wondering if I should be using sand?

I suggest sand over gravel for goldfish, although I do not have a sand vs. gravel post I have been working on one focused on different types of substrate and their pros/cons. I do however have a post on why sand is the most natural and logical choice based on a goldfish’s gill structure. You can check it out here.

The indoor gang says hello! They were very pleased to see their food giant has returned. The pearlie I kept as a grow out fry is doing so well, with beautiful pearls and body shape. It’s tail leaves a lot to be desired, but it will be a great addition to this line.